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Are you looking to change your perspective on reality? The main purpose of this website is as a ‘library’ for a variety of esoteric books held in PDF form. Each of these books can assist you to bring about a reality change in your life and surrounding conditions.

And, all the books are FREE to download.

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The books contained in the Reality Change library are mainly related to both the Western and Eastern Mystery Traditions.

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Both these traditions are complementary to each other, and are often referenced within the same work.

I trust you will find great wisdom and much value in the books held within, and through the expansion of knowledge you are able to effect wonderful transformations in your life – thereby creating and changing your own reality.


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Looking Deeper Into Ourselves

Many people are now seeing through the phantasy of the external world, and realising that the ‘truths’ they grew up with aren’t necessarily what they appear to be.

Conspiracy theories are now being proven to be facts. Governments have been converted into corporations profiting off the labour of the people. Banking frauds are coming to light. People in ‘high’ places are abusing their ‘power’ over the innocent and the ignorant. So many things are not what we thought. And there are many books that are bringing all this into the light of day.

Inner Realm

However, the books in this ‘library’ are actually addressing our ‘inner realm’ rather than the ‘external’ issues, albeit they certainly help to reveal them for what they are.

These books are more relevant to:

  • helping bring about changes in our perception ofreality change
    everyday events and circumstances;
  • assisting us to uncover ways to view them all more positively and with confidence;
  • opening up new ways of thinking, in ourselves and in the ‘mass mind’ of our world;
  • exploring the ancient wisdom teachings;
  • coming to a deeper understanding of who and what we are;
  • uncovering the hidden mysteries of Life.

To paraphrase Helena Blavatsky:

“Only the one hidden absolute existence is real, all else are of the
nature of shadows cast by a magic lantern on a colorless screen.”

reality change

Piercing The Veil

reality change

With a little guidance from those who’ve trodden the path before us, we can bring about changes in our own perceptions of the inner and outer worlds.

We can come to understand more fully the truth in the ancient Hermetic saying “As above, so below.”

Consequently, the Veil of Isis is slowly lifted, or pierced, as our own inner wisdom grows.
“No mortal shall pierce the Veil of Isis.”
-Ancient Egyptian Mystery

Hence, we come to an understanding of who we truly are.

Reality Change

Many of us have experienced difficulties in relationships, financial concerns, worries about what the future may hold, problems at work …….. these are difficulties most of us go through.

Our quality of life depends on how we perceive these, and other, concerns.

A great number of the books in this library will show you how, by altering your thoughts and bringing them under conscious control, you can literally change your world.

By changing the way you perceive outward circumstances, you can have a far more uplifting and beneficial outlook on life, and vastly improve your relationships, your health, and your situation.

We then bring about a Reality Change for all.


All the books can be read online, or downloaded for free as PDFs. Some are much larger than others, so when downloading please give them some extra time to load on to the page.

Please have a browse through the available titles – categorized by author  – and read/download as many books as you desire.

If you come across any book you are unable to download, or if there are other errors you spot, please don’t hesitate to let me know through the Contact Me page and I will look into it. Many thanks.


A Physical Copy For Your Home Library 

For all the bibliophiles (I am one) who like to have an actual book to hold, there are links to where you can purchase a copy of the book (where possible) on each relevant page.


If you are having difficulty finding a particular title, please feel free to send me an email (from the Contact Me page, or on the form at the bottom of the page) and I will try to source it for you.

Happy reading and many blessings.

Gina ♥

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Public Domain

All books have been sourced from reputable sites and have been originally downloaded for free. Therefore, it is my belief that they are all in the public domain, to be freely shared.

Whether a book is still in copyright does vary from country to country, though. Consequently, I cannot say whether any specific use of a particular book is allowed in your own country.

If you believe that a particular book in this library violates any copyright infringements, please contact me as soon as possible and I will remove it immediately.