The Experience Of Eternity

The Experience Of Eternity

Jean Dubuis

THE EXPERIENCE OF ETERNITYThe Experience of Eternity is “Jean
Dubuis’ long awaited treatise, (and) may
be the single most important esoteric
document of the 21st Century. Densely
written with 37 illustrations, Dubuis
presents classical esotericism, alchemy,
qabala, and natural magic in a way that
allows each person to undertake the
road of interior initiation without need
of a guru, master, or teacher.

Extensive discussion of the creation of
the universe, our place in it, and reason
for being are presented in concise language. Methods given use tools easily available.

Among the topics addressed are man’s inner structures, how to harmonize them,
the role of visualization, dream symbols and their use, astrological timing for
specific experiences, and how to anchor our inner work into our daily life. Be
careful though, if successful, you may find yourself following the author’s advice,
pinched from the Polish alchemist Sendivogius,
‘Now burn all your books, including mine’.”

Mark Stavish, author of The Path of Alchemy and Kabbalah for Health and Wellness.


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