The Etheric Double

The Etheric Double

The Health Aura of Man

Arthur E. Powell
Arthur E. Powell (1882-1969), american theosophist.

The Etheric Double was first published in 1925, and is part of a series of books written by Arthur E. Powell. This classic text has been used as a resource by students and scholars of astral phenomena for many, many years.

The subject of this book is the subtle body, physical in
nature but invisible to ordinary human eyes. It is also the
material which may form the phenomena of apparitions.

The subtle body is of great interest to healers, body
workers, and all students of esoteric lore.

Powell gives a comprehensive and perceptive discourse
on the anatomy of the subtle body, its energy centers,
and its functions.

Arthur E Powell – The Etheric Double – The Health Aura of Man

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