The Librarian

Librarian – Gina

The Librarian
Hi all, I am the librarian of this esoteric library.
I am also a member of the Builders Of The Adytum Mystery School. Dr. Paul Foster Case founded the school in 1922.

The curriculum we study was written by Paul Foster Case and expanded upon by his successor, Ann Davies.

Builders Of The Adytum (B.O.T.A.) Links

Links to B.O.T.A. – United States and New Zealand – B.O.T.A. US and B.O.T.A. NZ
Link to B.O.T.A. Radio
The Great Adventure –
The Open Door (pdf) –


How The Library Came To Be

I began seeking out esoteric wisdom in 2009, after some major changes in my life.

As I began this journey, I would find that one book would reference others, which then in turn would lead to other authors and other books … and so my collection grew.

Purchasing each physical book started to become rather an expensive exercise, so, even though I much prefer to hold a book in my hand, I began looking to see if I could find the books as downloadable PDFs. Consequently, my PDF collection also grew.

Then, after joining B.O.T.A. in 2012, I found the lessons contained many references to other works, so I began to also seek these out as a complement to my studies.

Image result for emoticons reading

These works then led to mentions of other tomes and other authors ….. and so the list of esoteric books I was keen to read expanded.

Facebook Group

This then led me to create a Facebook group where I have uploaded a number of books, and encouraged others to share, too:
Mamma G’s Asylum – Esoteric Library,

I also joined various online esoteric groups, and members would share links to occult PDFs. So I continued adding to my esoteric ‘library’.

The reason I created a website for the PDFs, along with the Facebook group, is because a friend mentioned to me that many people who may be interested in accessing the books might not actually have Facebook accounts! Good point. Michelle ♥

Hence – the Reality Change website.

Be Notified Of New Books

I have many, many more books to upload, so please enter your email and click Subscribe (in the right-hand column) to stay up to date.

Please enjoy your visit to this esoteric library, and feel free to download as many books as your heart desires ♥ ♥ ♥

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