The Book Of Tokens

The Book Of Tokens

Paul Foster Case

The Book of Tokens is a beautiful, inspired written record containing twenty-two poetic
meditations on the Ageless Wisdom hidden within the Major Arcana of the Tarot Keys and
the twenty-two Hebrew letters.

An Excerpt from The Meditation on Daleth

I am the Door of Life,the book of tokens
The passage from the world of ideas
Into the world of form.
Expressing myself, I take form in substance,
But the power which worketh in that substance
Is the sovereign force of mine outflowing ideas.



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N.B. This 1989 edition from B.O.T.A. includes colour illustrations
of the Tarot Keys and Tree of Life. Illustrated. Hardcover, 200 pages.


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2 Responses to The Book Of Tokens

  1. I love this book of Paul Foster Case! It opened my mind and changed me completely! I also recommend this work of him:

    • Mamma G says:

      Thank you for your comment, Angela, and your recommendation of another of Paul Case’s work. Much appreciated.

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