The Occult Anatomy Of Man

The Occult Anatomy Of Man

Manly P. Hall

“The first chapter of this essay provides a soundly skeptical, mythicist take on Christian origins, while simultaneously asserting Lemurian and Atlantean sources for esoteric traditions.
The next three chapters are organized according to the book’s pattern: brain/spirit, heart/emotions, and generative organs/physical sensation.
In the chapter on The Spinal Column corresponding to the heart, there is also a discussion of clairvoyance and mediumship, and in the chapter on The Infernal Worlds Hall additionally provides an exposition of color symbolism.
The final chapter of Occult Anatomy is on embryology, which offers readings of religious texts as perinatal allegories.
It then continues with a thumbnail description of the seven-year cyclical climacteric pattern of individual human development.”

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